“The body does whatever it wants. I am not my body; I am my mind.”

- Rita Levi-Montalcini


Naresha Saligrama, Phd


PhD -University of Vermont, Burlington VT Postdoc -Stanford University, Stanford CA

Naresha is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Pathology and Immunology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. He is also a member of The Bursky Center for Human Immunology and Immunotherapy Programs, The Hope Center for Neurological Disorders, The Siteman Cancer Center, and The Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. Outside the lab, Naresha spends time with the newborn daughter, family, and listening to Led Zeppelin!

Elizabeth (Betsy) Levendosky,
Bachelors of Science


Rutgers University. Research Assistant in Dr. Wei Dai's labSCISTO

Betsy is from New Jersey and in May 2020 she graduated from Rutgers University-New Brunswick. She studied Evolutionary Anthropology and Biology. Outside of research, she enjoys cooking/baking. She also loves hiking and anything that gets her outside!

Allyssa Daugherty,
Masters in Neuroscience


Master’s degree in Neuroscience.

Allyssa has been working at Washington University St. Louis for almost four years now after graduating with a master’s degree in Neuroscience.

Tony Yao,

MSTP, Washington University

University of Western Ontorio

Tony is an MSTP at Washington University. His hometown is Toronto, Canada. He graduated from Western University in 2020 with a BS and MSc in Immunology. In his free time, he enjoys reading, cooking, and playing the guitar.

Sam Murphy
Bachelor of Science

MSTP, Washington University

Harvard University

Sam is an MSTP student at Washington University. His hometown is Winnipeg, Canada. He graduated from Harvard University in 2017 with a BA in Molecular and Cellular Biology. At Harvard, for his senior thesis research work, Sam worked in the laboratory of Dr. Shiv Pillai exploring the role of T follicular helper cells in mice.

Megan Arb,
Bachelor of Science Nursing

Clinical Research Coordinator II

Washington University School of Medicine

Chandrani Thakur

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Indian Institute of Sciences

Chandrani is a postdoc. She did her PhD at Indian institute of Sciences, Bangalore, India. During her Phd, Chandrani grained experience in systems biology and bioinformatics.

Julia Bals
BS, Psychology

DBBS Immunology Student

Boston College

Julia is an immunology graduate student (co-mentored with Dr. Albert (Gus) Davis). She graduated from Boston College with a BS in Psychology. She worked at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard in the lab of Daniel Lingwood investigating germline-encoded antibody responses to pathogens.

Alejandra Naomi Rodriguez
BS, Health & Medicine

Research Technician

Webster University

Naomi graduated from Webster University and she is a Saint Louis native.

Sachi Bhagwat


National Multiple Sclerosis Society Career Transition Award

Knight Adrc Developmental Project

Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences

Children's discovery institute

McDonnell Center for Neuroscience

National Institute of Health

National Institute of Health

Department of Veterans Affairs

Wellcome Leap Fund

The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Carol and Gene Ludwig Family Foundation

Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation